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Story of the Month
Once a month (-ish) I post a new story from my collection for your reading pleasure. Check back from time to time for a good read - and maybe the next time I'm in your neck of the woods, you'll have a story request ...

YouTube Video Clips
Storytelling for adults and kids, on video: check out a few of my favorite stories, taped live in front of audiences. Plus, scenes from several of my plays and musicals - all on YouTube.

Me on CD!
My first two recordings - some of my Creepy Classics, and the Christmas Carol - are on CD, with sound effects and top-notch production values courtesy of Bob Savage. Read about them here, and order several for your friends!

My Online Photo Albums
Picasa hosts photo collections from several of the plays I've acted in or directed, and some storytelling pictures, along with photos of the kids, and stuff like that.

A Christmas Carol
More information than you ever wanted about my specialty, the one-man "Carol." Hey theatres and libraries! If you've got a question about how to book it, or whether you'd want to, the answers are probably here!
Grant Fitch
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